Drill setups

We can set up your drill so that you can place fertilizer with your drill. 

Planter setups

We can fix any planter so that you can place fertilizer with your seed. 

Tillage setups

Tubes & Tube holders

We manufacture tubes for placing fertilizer with various implements. 

We Are a Company of Passionate Designers and Developers

We are here to help farmers with their fertilizer application needs. We design, build, and install complete turn-key liquid fertilizer kits for grain drills and planters. With our setup you can accurately apply the right amount of fertilizer with the seed as you sow. All of our kits are custom designed for the particular make and model of machine you have. This includes tank mounts, pump drives, manifolds, and row tubes.

We DO NOT cut and weld on your machine or make-do with generic pieces. Everything we offer is made to bolt on. We also offer a full line of products to setup your tillage implement with ammonia or liquid fertilizer.

Do you need to make your farm more productive? Browse around the site and see what all we have to offer. We’re sure we have something you need.

Flushing & Winterizing Your Hypro Piston Pump!

New Products!

A one piece manifold mounting block of our own design that mounts our poly manifold pipe to the manifold steel square tube. This will replace the old two piece style that used a strap to hold it all together.

We came up with this rubber sleeve/boot and clamps to secure the tubing in place. It will work for any of our grain drill tubes.