Drill Tube Holders

We manufacture tubes for placing fertilizer with various implements.  With our tubes you can place liquid fertilizer with your planter and drill. If you want to place fertilizer with your V-Blade, cultivator, chisel, or other various implements, we have tubes that allow you to do that also. The custom and V-Blade tubes give you the option of placing either liquid fertilizer or ammonia or both.  You will see charts of the different brands and models of various implements that we have developed tubes for below.  If you have an implement you would  like to place fertilizer with and you don’t see it on the list, contact us.


 tubes (3)


Brand  Model Part #
Case IH 5100 Double Disk S5-546
Case IH 5300 Double Disk Drill S5-5500
Case IH Mulch Till Double Disk S5-5500 MT
Case IH SDX No-Till Air Drill S5-SDX
Crust Buster Crust Buster Double Disk S5-234
Crust Buster 3400 Double Disk Drill S5-3400
Crust Buster 4000 Series 93+ All Plant S5-93CB AP
Crust Buster Minimum Till (’94 and Newer) S5-94CB MT
Crust Buster Press Wheel Mount Rear Delivery S5-CB RD
Crust Buster Crust Buster Hoe w/Acra Plant S5-CB H
Great Plains 4010 Heavy Duty Drill S5-4010 HD
Great Plains Double Disk S5-54
Great Plains Heavy Duty S5-54 HD
Great Plains Press Wheel Mount Rear Delivery S5-GP RD
Great Plains 10 Series Opener Heavy Duty S5-GP 10 HD
Great Plains Hoe High Clear S5-GPH-HC
John Deere No-till opener           Seed-loc wheel mount S5-1560
John Deere No-till Rear Delivery Heavy Duty Left S5-1560 HD RD L
John Deere No-till Rear Delivery Heavy Duty Right S5-1560 HD RD R
John Deere 455 & 450 Drill S5-455-450
John Deere 750 Left S5-750 HD L
John Deere 750 Right S5-750 HD R
John Deere 8300 Guage-O-Matic Double Disk S5-8500
John Deere 8300 G.O.M. DD Aluminum cast boot S5-8500(A)
John Deere 9300 Hoe Drill S5-9300
John Deere 9400 Hoe Drill S5-9400
Krause 5200 Series No-Till Opener S5-5200K
Krause 5300 Series Double Disk Opener S5-5300
Krause 5400 Series Rotary Scraper Opener S5-5400 RS
Landoll 5530 Double Disk S5-5530F
Sunflower 9431 Double Disk (Older than ’96) S5-9431
Sunflower 9431 Double Disk (’96 and Newer) S5-9431-96
Tye Double Disk S5-TYE D D
Tye 2030 NT S5-TYE 2030NT
Generic Most Older Hoe Drills S5-548
Generic S5-611
Generic S5-616