Insectigator III

When only small amounts of insecticide are needed, the Insectigator III is perfect! It is a low-cost alternative to expensive injection systems. The Insectigator III is lightweight and portable. It only takes one person to move the unit. It is very easy to load it on the back of the pickup to take to the next job. You don’t need one for each well, you are able to use the same one at several different pivots.

The Insectigator III also provides all the technology and efficiency that’s needed for the modern farmer – a Hartell diaphragm metering pump by Milton Roy, exclusive Mister Mist’r injection check valve, bleeder valve assembly, mechanical agitation, and corrosion resistance.

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Options:  Specifications:
Tank capacities of: Power:
          10 gallons 440-110 transformer
          20 gallons
          30 gallons
Pump capacities of: Dimensions:
          .7 GPH Max. Height – 36″
             1.7 GPH Max. Weight -16″
Length – 32″