Ford-New Holland

Ford Genesis front and side mount tanks

  • 200, 260, 300, and 400 gallon tanks are available
  • Hi-Clearance design for growing crop applications
  • Parallel tank mounts provide good visibility
  • Optional Jack arrangement for easy mounting and removal
  • Hi-density tanks are standard
  • Each tank has 1-1/4″ and 3/4″ outlets
  • Limited three year warranty on tanks

Front mount saddle hooks over the curved bracket for even load distribution. Two bolts secure the tank saddle to the weight bracket.
Side plate mounted on tractor. Note that the only projections are the plate tabs the tube bolts to. Saddle tube bolts in place for easy removal.
Heavy under truss secures the side plates for additional strength.
A ladder (one step) is bolted in place. Note location of saddle at end of tube. This position allows the plumbing to be run inside the tube to the center of the tractor.

Hi-Clearance tanks for 4 wheel drive tractors

New Holland-Versatile with 300 gallon side mounts. This design allows easy cab access and easy attachment. Heavy tube and side plates assure trouble free operation. 300 gallon tanks allow for adequate clearance between tank and front tire. 1″ bolts secure the saddles to the tube.
Overall width with 300 gallon tanks is 16’8″. The saddles are adjustable to reduce overall width of tank mounts. Tanks can also be adjusted forward or back from center of saddle bar. Side plates secure 7″ x 7″ x 3/8″ saddle tube to the tractor. The design allows for easy access to the plates.