Kenneth’s Sales & Service, Inc.

Below are different products that we have. If you need something that you can’t find on our pages, give us a call. We might have it and if we don’t, we can help you find it. We develop new products on a weekly basis many times a year. If you have a drill or planter that you want to put fertilizer on with, but don’t see it listed anywhere, give us a call.

Anhydrous Equipment

Looking for a way to apply fertilizer with your tool bar or other implement? We have what you need.


Chemigation is a combination of the words chemical and irrigation. These machines allow you to apply your chemicals safely and efficiently through your irrigation system.

Drill Setups

Placing fertilizer with your drill can improve yields and efficiency. Doing this eliminates one pass over the field reducing fuel cost and compaction in your fields.


Do you ever have trouble getting just right with you tractor and implement when trying to hook up an ammonia tank? We manufacture a hitch where “Close is Good Enough”. You no longer have to struggle with trying to turn the hitch of a full ammonia tank. This hitch moves allowing you to move it to just the right position to be connected to an ammonia tank and then locks in place once you are connected.

Moisture Testers

Ever wonder what the moisture of your sample is, but don’t want to drive all the way to town to find out? We have just what you need.


Do you feel like your current way of spraying just isn’t as accurate as it should be. Check out our lines of monitors. We have monitors that do everything from counting acres to adjusting the flow as your speed changes.

Planter setups

Placing fertilizer with your planter can also increase your yields. Do you want to place herbicide down while planting also? We can help you do that.


We have many different kinds of pumps. Different pumps fit different applications. Browse through our selection to find one that best fits your needs. Not only do we have pumps, but we have repairs for many major brands.

Soil Compaction Testers

The soil in your fields can become compacted from just a few operations. If you want to know how hard your ground is, just use one of these and find out if you need to chisel the ground.


Do you have a large field to spray? Maybe just a lawn. Either way, we can help you. Check out what we have for what you need.


We have the tank you need. Do you need a tank to set at your pivot while you chemigate? Do you need new tanks for your tractor or planter? look around and see what all we have.

Tank Mounts

We have tank mounts for most tractors and implements. If you don’t see a tank mount for your specific application, contact us. We custom design mounts for customers.

Tillage Setups

Looking for a way to apply fertilizer with your tool bar or other implement? We have what you need.

Tubes and tube holders

Do you need a tube to put NH3 down? How about liquid fertilizer? We manufacture what you need for that. We make tubes that can let you put just NH3 or liquid fertilizer down or you can dual place the NH3 and liquid fertilizer.