White tractor front and side mounts

  • whitetank200, 260, 300, and 400 gallon tanks
  • Front mount is available in elliptical style
  • Hi-Clearance design for growing crop applications
  • Unique jack arrangement for easy mounting and removal
  • Hi-Density tanks are standard
  • Each tank has 1-1/4″ and 3/4″ outlets
  • Limited three year warranty on tanks
  • Developed in conjunction with the tractor manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Tank pads and heavy nylon straps are included for tank mounting
  • Saddle tubes are attached the tractor side plates with 3/4″ bolts
  • Tubes can be pivoted in place with only one bolt in place. The rest of the bolts can then be easily installed.
  • A heavy plate under truss helps distribute the load over a large area of the tractor and add stability to the tank mount system.