Planter Tube Holder

We manufacture tubes for placing fertilizer with various implements.  With our tubes you can place liquid fertilizer with your planter and drill. If you want to place fertilizer with your V-Blade, cultivator, chisel, or other various implements, we have tubes that allow you to do that also. The custom and V-Blade tubes give you the option of placing either liquid fertilizer or ammonia or both.  You will see charts of the different brands and models of various implements that we have developed tubes for below.  If you have an implement you would  like to place fertilizer with and you don’t see it on the list, contact us.



Brand Model Part#
Buffalo Buffalo Planter S5-691
Case IH 1200 Series Planter S5-1200
Case IH 800 Series Planter S5-653
Case IH 900 Series Planter S5-901
Case IH 950 (’94 and Newer) S5-950-94
Case IH 1200 Series Planter S5-CSIH RD
Case IH 2000 Series Planter S5-CSIH RD 2150
John Deere 1700 w/seed lock S5-17SL
John Deere 7000 Scraper Bolt S5-619
John Deere 7200 or 7300 (’93 & Older) Series & 1700 Series S5-7200
John Deere 7200 and 7300 (’92 & Older),  1700  (All)
w/Finger Pickup Seeding Unit
S5-7200 FP
John Deere 7200 and 7300 Series (’94 & Newer) S5-7294
Kinze 50 Series Row Unit S5-KINZE SER 50
White 5100 Series White Air Boss S5-5100
White 6100 Series White S5-6100
White White Planter Rear Delivery S5-WHITE 8222 RD
Generic S5-611
Generic S5-616