Drill Setups


We can set up your drill so that you can place fertilizer with your drill. We manufacture the tank mounts, pump mounts, and tubes. Above is a Great Plains drill with one of our setups on it. There are some main components that are needed and you can find out more by clicking on the links of the videos below. If your tractor does not have saddle tanks then you need to place a tank on your drill or put saddle tanks on your tractor. Whatever you choose we can help you with that. Another major component needed is the pump. The final major component is what we call the tubeholder. Learn more about them on the tubeholder page.


New Products!


A one piece manifold mounting block of our own design that mounts our poly manifold pipe to the manifold steel square tube. This will replace the old two piece style that used a strap to hold it all together.



Although small, this little gadget is a great advance to an old problem we always had with our grain drill systems. Where the stainless tubes attached to the row units with gray tubing going through, there is an orange nut holding the two together. After continuous use the orange nut could work loose and let the gray tube slide out of the stainless tube. We came up with this rubber sleeve/boot and clamps to secure the tubing in place. It will work for any of our grain drill tubes.



Crustbuster Drill Walk Thru – tour around the drill and view the components. Works for 4020, 4025, and 4030 models.

Crustbuster Drill Fold up – Demo on the fold out feature for the Crustbuster drill.

Great Plains Walk Thru – tour around the drill with view of the tank & components. Works for 3000 or 4000 series.

Great Plains Fold up – Demo on the fold out feature for the Great Plains drill.

Transfer drive – Demo on how the transfer drive works.

Transfer Turn – Demo on how the transfer turns.