Injection Check Valve

injectvalveThe Mister Mist’r is a superb way of injecting materials into the main water stream. Its four-way injection pattern mixes the chemical into the water. You get better field treatment efficiency because of its unique pattern. It has a two-way check valve to prevent leakage from occurring when the unit is not in use. It prevents back flow from entering the tank and from chemicals entering the mater supply when the well is shut off.


  • Four-directional release which provides positive mixing, product distribution, and efficiency.
  • Mechanical spring loaded shut off.
  • Corrosion resistant plastic or high volume stainless steel.
  • Moving parts continuously cleaned by water.
  • Meets state and federal injection check valve regulations.
  • For use with fertilizer and chemicals
  • 3/4″ MNPT for inserting into main line.
  • 1/4″ FNPT inlet threads on poly Mister Mist’r.
  • 1/2″ FNPT inlet threads on the stainless steel Mister Mist’r.


  • Hydraulically actuated leak proof PTFE diaphragm acts as a separating membrane between hydraulic and process fluids – diaphragm is subjected to uniform gentle stresses for maximum life.
  • All moving parts operate in an oil bath, greatly reducing friction wear and assuring long, efficient pump life.
  • Industrial duty material and coatings.
  • Plastic control knob with stainless steel collar for easy adjustment and corrosion resistance.

Compatibility & Flexibility:

  • Wetted parts are available in a variety of materials to suit the application.
  • Flanged housing accepts standard 56C frame motor and acts as an oil seal to keep oil in the housing.
  • Available in simplex or duplex configurations.
  • High viscosity liquid ends are available.
  • 3/4″ FNPT inlet on suction check valve.
  • Right angle check valves allow for easy installation and less stress on the suction and injection line fittings.
  • Check valves can be removed for low cost maintenance.
  • Compact design fits in tight areas.