Area /Speed Monitors

monitors (2)Used as a stand alone unit or in conjunction with one of the DjCCS100 control systems, the DjCMS100 is a versatile product. When used with either a radar or magnetic distance sensor the DjCMS100 will accumulate area and display speed. The distance counting feature also allows you to measure field boundaries or other distances. Add a pressure sensor or flow meter, and now you have the ability to accumulate product, display application rate and pressure. Several alarm functions are also available.

DjCMS100 Features Include:

  • Speed
  • Total area accumulation
  • Field area accumulation
  • Area/Hour
  • Distance readout (feet)
  • Total product accumulation
  • Field product accumulation
  • Product level (amount left in tank or hopper)
  • Low level alarm
  • Application rate
  • Pressure
  • Fan RPM with high/low alarm settings (granular only)



Calc-N-Acre gives you accurate speed, area and distance measurement.  The original low cost acre counter now has even more features and a rugged new design.

  •  Large readmonitors (1)out with lighted liquid crystal display for night use
  • New area per hour and accumulated hour functions to track progress, plan work and schedule maintenance
  • New width reduction function to measure the effective area of active boom sections and partial pass tillage operations
  • Push-button run/hold
  • Optional remote run/hold sensor kit allows for hands-free operation
  • Includes Hall-effect speed sensor, mounting hardware and weatherproof connectors