Harvest Monitors

Do you want a monitor to keep track of your grain loss? Do you want a monitor to track your yields in different fields? Maybe you want one that will track your yields and tie it to one of the newest technologies farmers are using: GPS. Do you want to know what the moisture of your grain is that you just sampled? If so, we have what you need.



The GLM200 is available for many conventional and rotary combines. The GLM200 provides the operator with real-time indications of grain loss compared to area harvested. The operator can use this information to make any necessary adjustments and to harvest at maximum throughput. This is the point where the threshing unit is fully loaded, but not overloaded, allowing the combine to operate at its maximum efficiency, and grain loss is at its lowest.harvestmonitors (1)

GLM200 features include:

  • Precise sensor placement for each combine
  • Adjustable sensitivity for different grain types
  • Can be operated in either time or area based modes
  • Test mode to ensure entire system is operating properly
  • Sensors can be monitored simultaneously or individually to pinpoint problems
  • Color coded dial and audible alarm to indicate excessive grain loss

PF3000harvestmonitors (2)

The PF3000 Precision Farming System is a general-purpose monitor and controller. The PF3000 has the widest range of capabilities for precision farming than any other device in the world. The PF3000 uses the most widely-used grain yield monitoring technology in the world, designed by Ag Leader Technology. And that’s just the beginning…
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The PF3000 has already proven itself as the most capable and accurate cotton yield monitor due to its maintenance free design.

The PF3000 with the Light Bar option is the most versatile guidance system available. The PF3000 can be used for Site Verification, to record where different hybrids, fertilizers, or chemicals are used.

Application rate maps can be recorded where planting rate and other rates are varied manually. Automatic application rate control, using prescription maps, is possible while simultaneously recording actual application rates.

The PF3000 organizes data by year, farm, field, grain, and load for easy identification. Data can be transferred to a computer to print a summary of all fields. Print yield maps of the fields harvested using GPS and a memory card.

Whether it be grain or cotton yield monitoring, planting, spraying, or fertilizing applications, or a combination of these, the PF3000 Precision Farming System is the all-in-one solution.


  • Large graphics display with the ability to view four on-the-go values at once.
  • Customizable, backlit display
  • Easy operation through symbols and messages
  • Built-in field marking capability of 32 user-definable marks
  • Plug compatible with Yield Monitor 2000 for an easy, low-cost upgrade path
  • Automatic memory backup for data security
  • Upgradeable through serial port or memory card
  • Can display point maps for marking and navigation
    • Multiple uses throughout crop season including: ◦Grain Yield Monitoring & Cotton Yield Monitoring – with or without GPS◦Bulk Crop Yield Monitoring with HarvestMaster
    • ◦Site verification – record where different hybrids, fertilizers, or chemicals are used.
    • ◦Application rate mapping-record where planting or other rates are varied manually
    • ◦Application control through prescriptions written to a memory card and record actual rates simultaneously
    • ◦Soil sampling – grid and record samples after driving boundaries
    • ◦Navigation – guides the operator to gridded, pre-recorded, or pre-loaded points.


The PF3000 offers unmatched versatility for use on different types and different brands of equipment. The PF3000 is available for nearly all combines made in the last 20 years and can be moved between models and brands at low cost. Monitor application rate on nearly any type of equipment and control application rates of existing drives and controls (must have serial port) including planter drives and sprayer, anhydrous, and injection controllers. The PF3000 Precision Farming System is a one-time cost-effective solution that provides the power to implement precision farming year-round.

PF3000 w/HarvestMaster

The PF3000 interfaces with a HarvestMaster HM-500 or HM-570 model yield monitor for bulk crops. The PF3000 functions as an easy to use display and recording unit for the HarvestMaster yield monitor. The PF3000 supports all crops supported by the HarvestMaster system including potatoes, sugar beets, grapes, and carrots. The HarvestMaster SCCU (serial control and conditioning unit) connects to Port 3 on the PF3000 through the serial cable that comes with every HarvestMaster yield monitor. The PF3000-HarvestMaster Operating Program is available at no charge.
Major features:

  • Displays instantaneous and average yield, total weight, crop flow, belt speed, ground speed, swath and area for all crops harvested by HM-500 or HM-570.
  • Uses fields and loads to record GPS and summary information for yield, total weight, crop flow and area.
  • Calibrates weight based on actual weights. Automatically post calibrates data in fields and loads that were harvested before calibration was performed.
  • Tares load cell and profile (for Grapes only) sensors.
  • Complete diagnostic information.
  • Complete setup items. The same setup items in the HarvestMaster Field Computer are in the PF3000.
  • Automatically turn area counting on/off based on belt speed or hold run switch.
  • Acquire ground speed from HarvestMaster yield monitor unit or from GPS receiver.
  •  SMS Basic mapping software fully supports reading and printing yield maps or summary information.

Version 4.10:

This Operating Program controls the HarvestMaster HM-500 and HM-570 Bulk Crop Yield Monitor. This Version (4.10) is strictly for use with HarvestMaster systems. It does not have App Rate and Grain Harvest functions. Use the Standard Operating Program to use the PF3000 as a grain yield monitor.
HarvestMaster, HM-500, & HM-570 are a trademarks of HarvestMaster, Inc.