Plant Monitors

plantmonitor (3)The DICKEY-john Seed Manager is the latest addition to the Benchmark® Series. It’s a precision planter monitor capable of monitoring up to 36 rows. The bar graph display shows up to 12 rows at a time giving the operator a visual indication of planter performance. When used with DICKEY-john’s patented* new “Seed Smart®” sensor technology, Seed Manager provides exceedingly accurate seed count and will even display how well each row unit is singulating out the seed. Advanced Seed Smart circuitry reduces harnessing needs and allows for easier installation of system. Seed Manager is equipped with an RS232 for communicating with GPS systems and for future software upgrades and enhancements.
* Patent #5635911
Over Thirty-one Years of Technology

Features of the Seed Manager Include :

  • Seed Manager works with existing DICKEY-john planter harnessing or utilizes new Seed Smart sensor technology
  • Monitors up to 36 rows
  • Displays population, seed spacing, and singulation
  • Programmable high/low population warning
  • Reads out shaft RPM with high/low warning
  • 3 area accumulators
  • Bar graph indicates performance of each row unit
  • RS232 allows for precision farming interface to map what you plant
  • Adjustable alarm volume
  • Using the new Seed Smart® sensor simplifies & reduces harnessing
  • Higher accuracy with small grains & specialty crops
  • Non-volatile memory retains settings even when disconnected from battery


plantmonitor (1)The DICKEY-john PM3000 was designed to be easy to use and provide years of trouble free operation. An automatic sensor check on power up ensures all seed sensors are detected and functioning properly. The “Scan” feature allows the console to cycle through all the rows and display either an individual row population or seed spacing and then the planter average population or planter average seed spacing. Speed can be obtained through radar, universal magnetic sensor, or a gear pickup on the planter itself. If you’re looking for simplicity and reliability, the PM3000 is the planter monitor of choice.

Features of the PM3000 include:

  • Monitors up to 32 rows
  • Speed
  • Area
  • Population
  • Seed spacing
  • Area/Hour
  • Audible alarm for row failure indication
  • Large, easy to read LCD Display
  • Doubles as a speed and area monitor when not planting


plantmonitor (2)The Seed Check is the newest addition to the lineup of planter monitors from DICKEY-john. Functioning as a planter monitor for up to 12 rows, or drill monitor for 6 rows and 3 hopper level inputs, the Seed Check is packed full of features at an economical price. One switch steps the display through POPULATION, SPEED, AREA 1, and AREA 2. A “LOW FLOW ALARM” can be set to indicate when the seed flow of an individual row drops below the average seed flow of the planter or drill. This alarm is adjustable to 90%, 80%, 60%, or 40% of the average seed flow, and will trigger an alarm if any row falls under the set percentage. Aside from using a radar or magnetic sensor for ground speed, the Seed Check allows you to enter a manual ground speed, thus eliminating the need for a speed sensor. The alarm switch is used to acknowledge active alarms, and also adjust the alarm volume.

Seed Check Features Include:

  • Seed flow monitoring – 12 Rows
  • Average population
  • Seed hopper level sensing – 3 hoppers
  • 2 area accumulators
  • Ground speed radar, magnetic sensor, or manually entered ground speed
  • Adjustable, audible alarms
  • Compatible with DICKEY-john high rate or standard sensors


The DICKEY-john PM1000 series planter monitors offer a low cost alternative to those only requiring a seed flow monitor. The PM1000 is available in either a 8 row or 16 row version and is a basic unit that shows seed flow and sounds an alarm whenever a row fails.

DjPM1000 Features Include:

  • Automatic sensor detection circuit determines which rows on harness have sensors
  • Available in either 8 row or 16 row monitoring capability
  • Flashing lamps monitor seed flow and go out when seed flow is not detected
  • Adjustable lamp intensity for planting at night